Kashmiri Walnut

Walnut tree has various multifaceted benefits as its nuts and timber woods are highly valuable and have tremendous impact on the lifestyle of human being. Kashmir as an only home to walnut in India, boast of both the types of walnut named as Black walnut and English walnut. Although a walnut tree requires an utmost effort for favorable growth, but still it is worth all the effort and pain as the value of Timbers as well as nuts are huge. Besides facing stiff competition with other premier timber wood, Walnut wood still sustain its importance of being unique and distinctive value. As a dry fruit also, Walnut kernel has many important uses in culinary, medicinal and various other uses.

Walnut belongs to the family of trees known as juglandaceae. The botanical name of English or Persian walnut is Juglans regia and black walnut is Juglans nigra. Nuts of both the tress have rich nutritional values with delectable taste. Color, shape and size of shell and kernel of both the walnut is different from each other. Shell of English walnut is thin and easily breakable whereas shell of Black Walnut is hard, thick and tough to break. However, English walnuts are considered to be tastier and aromatic and thus, this variety of walnut are often used in confectionery purpose.

Kashmiri WalnutAs far as timber of walnut is concerned, there are several types of walnut wood which belong to juglandaceae family. In Kashmir, popular varieties like Black Walnut and English Walnuts are found abundantly. Plantations of these two varieties of walnuts are practiced to yield either nuts or timber. Timber from black walnuts is more prominent and popular as its color is more appealing along with grains. Furnisher made up of this very timber are highly acclaimed and appreciated throughout the country. Trees of black walnuts grow in high elevated areas of Kashmir in India.

Nuts of the both walnuts carry almost same amount of nutritional content. However, Black walnuts have very slightly higher protein content and lower fat content. Both the nuts can be used as substitute to each other. However, black walnut is more popular for confectionery uses because of its pungent flavor. Walnuts have very high omega3 fatty acid contents irrespective of its variety making them very beneficial for helping fight cardiac problems. Kashmir valley is proud of growing both the varieties of walnuts and for serving as the oasis of walnuts for the entire country.

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